Will My ADHD Child Have Lifelong Problems?

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In this video, Dr. Jim, ADHD specialist and founder of FastBraiin, answers the question,


"Will my ADHD child have lifelong problems?"

The following is a basic transcript of the video.

One thing I want you to understand is that ADHD is hereditary, and you probably know that. It's not that it falls from the tree, it is the same tree.

So are you having problems with your own ADHD? Or better yet, why are you good at what you do?

How many of you play music at work? Most people do at some point. How about cleaning house, or working in the yard, do you have your headphones on and music playing? Yes, you do. Why? Becuase it helps you. Well, what's wrong with having a child that learns that way?

The long-term issues of focusing and learning for the ADHD individual are real. What can really help is having an outside coach or having specific websites that assist you in performing tasks. I have certain apps that remind me that I have an appointment tomorrow.

No, it's not on a calendar, it comes on my phone and dings, and I got to look to see what it was. I have to have those reminders. I have secretaries and nurses to keep me in line. I have schedules that keep me going. Why? because I need them. I used to be able to remember all that, but I can't anymore. Neither can your child.

My brain is going all over the place. Even when writing prescriptions, I review them and have someone else review them, because if I write 250 prescriptions a week, which I do, then what are the chances of making a mistake. They are probably pretty good. I might put in the wrong date or wrong amount, or certain insurances might not take certain medication.

We need to double up. We need the accountability. We need that type of person helping us.

Don't look at ADD as issues and problems. Look at the ways that we work. Look at what can help us do better, and help us get stronger.

Think about a quarterback. He doesn't play the game by himself. Is he ADD? Yes. Does he have plays given to him? Yes. Does he have people refocusing him? Yes. Does he have a team? Yes, he does.

Does a CEO? Yes. Is he all over the place? Yes. That's how he grew his business. Does he have a secretary? Yes. She's all over the place, too.

Do they have a board of directors? Yes. Ahh, what does that mean? A board of directors is a group of people that help run the company.

Realize that this is not a bad thing to worry about. This is a great thing to worry about, and it's a great thing to try to figure out how to help your child. Let them expand. Let them make the mistakes.

Don't try to be all over them. When he's having a tantrum, don't take it personally. If he's having a tantrum, send him outside to deal with it.

We are going to help you work through all that. At FastBraiin, that's what we do. That's why our 5,000 patients are so successful, because they have learned how to take care of each other, how to respond interactively, and how to accept the things that are rough, and how to accept the things that they do great.