How To Make A Creative Work Surface And Why This Is Good For ADHD

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Each month we explore a new creative way to help parents and kids learn.

So “off to the drawing board.” In fact this entire post is about creating a drawing board, a creative work surface for you kids.

For centuries artist, architects  designers, even film makers have had a drawing board table close by. Sometimes it’s right in the middle of their living - working space, sometimes in a spare room, up in the attic, or out in the garage. The point is, this board serves as a place to let thoughts come together, work them out, even to rearrange or start over.

That’s what you do on a drawing board.

Many times these simple desks are a place of inspiration.

I welded a simple base together for mine. I was inspired by the top itself. I purchased this wide pine board from a man who had a huge tree fall in his back yard. He had it milled into planks, and wanted to build a barn. His wife wanted a small potting shed. He decided on a small shop. His plans kept changing. Over a period of several months people like me drove by, saw the lumber and asked to purchase a board or two for a smaller project.

He sold them all.

“What about your barn,” I asked. “Back to the drawing board,” he said.

Kids need a place or a space, or even a drawing board where they can spread out.
Sketch, doodle, design or plan the next toy or space station.

Kids need a drawing board.

I know in my ADHD world (FastBraiin world now as we call it) I constantly have to go back to the Drawing Board. I don’t get it all right the first time. I replan, repeat, redraw, rework.

Many people need to doodle to learn, some need to draw it out to see it or see their ideas in color. Sometimes I need to keep doing sketches or problems over and over until I have the concept locked in. This is not a failure, it’s the way I learn.

ADHD or FastBraiin people learn in different ways but we can’t be afraid to try, or be afraid to fail. We can’t be afraid to start over.

We need encouragement in all these.

So when I hand my kids, my grand kids a drawing board and some art supplies, or even when I sit down at the drawing board I feel like I have a creative space, a work surface to figure things out and learn something new.

Commercial drawing or drafting boards can be very expensive. and many of them take up a tons of space. I like to work inside outside upstairs and down. So I make these portable drawing boards.

Scrap Plywood works great.
But for a few dollars more you can purchase what’s called Sandy Ply.
It is smooth and makes a for a great art, study, or work surface.

Keep it light but heavy enough to be stable. It never needs to be thicker then 3/8 inch .
1/8 inch think is a good size for a small drawing board I carry one in my art bag.
I have four of these so when the grandkids come over each has their own art board.
This handy ply board also doubles as a protective guard for the surfaces underneath.

Big Box stores Like Lowes and Home Depot sell some pre-cut board, or for 50 cents a cut most will cut to the size you want. Finish with a little sanding around the edges, smooth the corners and let each kid write their name on it. I drill a hole in the boards large enough for my finger to slip in.  Makes them easy to carry.

Encourage and surprise  your kids with some new paper, pencils, markers even art supplies
then surprise then with a new personalized drawing board.